Solve the system of linear equations by substitution. −2x−5y=3−2x−5y=3 3x+8y=−63x+8y=−6

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Three Variables Objective: Solve systems of equations with three variables using addition/elimination. Solving systems of equations with 3 variables is very similar to how we solve systems with two variables. When we had two variables we reduced the system down to one with only one variable (by substitution or addition). With three variables we will reduce the system down to one with two variables (usually by addition), which we can then solve by either addition or substitution. To reduce from three variables down to two it is very important to keep the work organized. We will use addition with two equations to eliminate one variable. This new equation we will call (A). Then we will use a different pair of equations and use addition to eliminate the same variable. This second new equation we will call (B). Once we have done this we will have two equations (A) and (B) with the same two variables that we can solve using either method.

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