Solve the following system of equations by substitution and select the correct answer below: 6x − 4y = 36 2x − 8y = 32

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okay so for substitution, chose one of  of the equations to solve for x. Let's solve for the second one. So you have 2x-8y=32. Start by adding 8y to both sides:  2x=8y+32. Then you have to get x by itself so you divide both sides by 2 which will give you:  x=4y+16. Now you have: 6x-4y=36 x=4y+16 (this was 2x-8y=32) Now, plug in the second equation to the first one. You would do so by plugging in the second equation to where you see x. You would have: 6(4y+16)-4y=36 Now, multiply the 6 with the 4y and 16. you would then have: 24y+96-4y=36. Now, combine your like terms to get: 20y+96=36 Then subtract 96 to both sides: 20y=-60 Then divide both sides so that you have y all by itself: y=-30! You now have the answer for y, so now plug what you got for y into the other equation: x+4y=16:  x+4(-30)=60 Solve for x: x-120=60  add 120 to both sides: x=180! so Your answer is Y=-30 and X=180 I hope this helped:)

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