Solve for x 2ln(5x)=−4

(1) Answers

ln(5x)=4ln⁡(5x)=4 To solve for xx , rewrite the equation using properties of logarithms.eln(5x)=e4el Solve for x Tap for more steps...Exponentiation and log are inverse functions.5x=e4 Divide each term by 5 and simplify.Tap for more steps...Divide each term in 5x=e45x=e4 by 5 .Reduce the expression by cancelling the common factors. Cancel the common factor.5x5=e45 Divide x by 1 to get x .x=e45x=e45 Verify each of the solutions by substituting them back into the original equation ln(5x)=4 and solving. In this case, all solutions were found to be valid.x=e45x=e45 The result can be shown in both exact and decimal forms.Exact Form:x=e45x=e45 Decimal Form:x=10.91963000…

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