Select the statement that accurately describes the muscular system. A. The muscular system is composed of two different types of muscles. B. The muscular system is composed of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. C. The muscular system is responsible for controlling the actions of smooth and cardiac muscles. D. The muscular system is composed of smooth, skeletal, and cardiac muscles.

(2) Answers

D is the correct answer


For this question, I would like to examine all the options, before like spitting out the answer to you. A. That is not only muscles that keep us alive. So that does not work. B. No, because there are meat too, and other parts of our body that help us to survive. C. No, because that is not only that controls us , and out body. D. Yes, because that perfectly fits this, and it totally would be good. Also, it perfectly explains everything well. So, the final answer would be D. Gone that this would help you..

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