segment JK is tangent to circle P and circle q, what does JK equal? and please, tell me exactly how you got the answer, a reason for every little thing, because I know the answer, I just don't know how to get it. And if you could show a picture with all of your work on it in some easy way to understand, that would be very helpful.

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I'd be more than happy to do all of that, but I can't even start until I see YOUR picture of the problem.  That will show me if circle-P and circle-q are overlapping, just touching, separate from each other, same size, different sizes, their radii, and where the points J and K are.  THOSE are the little things I need to know in order to get started. You want to know the distance between J and K, but you haven't given us one single distance or size of anything in the problem ... nothing at all to work with.  That right there makes it impossible.  

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