Scott has a car that can travel 25 miles on one gallon of gas. He is buying a new car that can travel 32 miles on one gallon of gas. How much gas will he save over the course of 100 miles after buying his new car? A. 7 gallons B. 0.875 gallons C. 0.009 gallons D. 1.28 gallons

(2) Answers

The answer is B. .875 gallons 25/1=100/x 25x=100 x=100/25=4 gallons 32/1=100/x 32x=100 x=100/32 x=3.125 gallons  4-3.125=0.875 gallons


we divide 100 miles by each car...100/25 = 4 gallons on that car                                                      100/32 = 3.125 gallons on this one subtract the two answers 4 - 3.125 and we get a savings of .875 gallons on 100 miles.

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