Sarah has a photography blog. 3/7 of her photos are of nature. 1/4 of the rest are of her friends. what fraction of all Sarah's photos is of her friends? support your answer with model.

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So, [latex] \frac{3}{7} [/latex] of her photos are of nature, how many are not of nature? the rest, that is 1-[latex] \frac{3}{7} [/latex] =[latex] \frac{7}{7} [/latex] -[latex] \frac{3}{7} [/latex]=[latex] \frac{4}{7} [/latex] So, [latex] \frac{4}{7} [/latex]  of her photos are not of nature. this i what "the rest"in the question refers to so, now [latex] \frac{1}{4} [/latex]   of "the rest", that is of [latex] \frac{4}{7} [/latex] are of her friends. How many is that? we have to multiply [latex] \frac{1}{4} [/latex] *[latex] \frac{4}{7} [/latex] we simplyfy and we get [latex] \frac{1}{7} [/latex]  - this is the correct answer!

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