Richard Nixon became president in 1969. Why was Nixon such a poor choice for the divided nation?

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This question is forcing liberal ideology down the throats of the students who are forced to answer it. If you are interested in an accurate view read the rest of my answer. I would not recommend you cloud your teacher's opinion with the facts.After the 1972 election the major news outlets announced the death of the Democratic party. Political pundits seriously believed the Democrats had no chance of winning a presidential election in the decades to follow. Nixon won by a landslide, the Democratic Party was in complete disarray.How is it possible to have one party, the Democratic Party, represent the KKK and Black Americans at the same time; Roman Catholics and Abortionists at the same time; The uberwealthy and welfare recipients at the same time; The Solid States Rights South and the Federal Government Expansionists at the same time. Demonize Richard Nixon, the ruthless Quaker.It does not matter that Nixon for many was a RINO, Republican in name only. Every month that Kennedy and LBJ were president the troop commitment in Vietnam was maintained or expanded. Every month that Nixon was president the troop commitment in Vietnam decreased.Nixon attempted to negotiate with the Communists to end the War during the first four years of his presidency. The Communists would not negotiate in any form of good faith until Nixon unleashed "Linebacker II" a massive two week bombing campaign that brought North Vietnam to the table in earnest. Nixon ended the war in Vietnam.Nixon is depicted as the epitome of a white racist. He was the president who initiated Affirmative Action giving blacks preference in jobs so they could catch up after years of discrimination. Count the black employees in a US Post Office and you will see how his program changed the color of that work force.Nixon established Earth Day and the Environmental Protection Agency. His vision lead to the end of the Deadly Smog that had engulfed major US Cities. He is the one who got the Lead out of Gasoline.Nixon removed the US from the Gold Standard ending a major economic crisis. His economic programs staved off the incredible "Stagflation" the US suffered under the Carter Administration of the late 1970's.If you are old enough to fight for the country you are old enough to vote. Nixon pushed through the the Constitutional Amendment that gave 18 year olds the right to vote.Then again Nixon totally defiled the Oval Office, he was known to use profanity when he was angry. Just a total disgrace, no Democrat would ever treat the Oval Office with anything but reverence. It is a same that Nixon did not have the same high moral character exhibited by Clinton.Nixon chose to record all of his conversations with the idea that after a period of time following his death, the tapes would be open to scholars who wished to study his presidency. He had the unmitigated gall to erase 18 minutes out of the many thousands of minutes of recorded conversation. New if he had deleted 30,000 E-mails it would have been non issue.The liberal media managed to paint Nixon as the epitome of evil. The media successfully revived the Democratic Party. Anyone who can think can see the incredible bias in the media today.Republicans are held to a far higher standard than Democrats. Maybe a better way to say this is Republicans are held to moral standards while democrats are not.

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