Read the paragraph below and answer the question that follows. 1.My name is Jayden Baxter. 2.I am a member of the chess club at Carter High School. 3.Because of budget cuts, our school will be unable to purchase new uniforms for our team. 4.As a result, the team is seeking sponsors to fund our new uniforms. 5.I am writing to request your sponsorship. 6.As a sponsor, your company name would be featured on our uniforms. 7.The uniforms are worn to meets all over the county. 8Your donation will help both the chess team and your own company. Which of the following is the thesis statement in the paragraph? a. 3 b. 4 c. 1 d. 2 e. 6 f. none of these

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Well, if we know that a thesis generally is a statement that someone wants to prove, then this is silly. There isn't much here that anyone is trying to prove. Its simply a statement saying that new uniforms are needed and that a request for donations would be appreciated. You're best bet would most likely be F. :)

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