Read the excerpt below and answer the question. -------------- I pinched myself: Was I alive? Was I awake? How was it possible that men, women, and children were being burned and that the world kept silent? No. All this could not be real. A nightmare perhaps . . . Soon I would wake up with a start, my heart pounding, and find that I was back in the room of my childhood, with my books . . . --------------- What central theme is expressed in this excerpt from Elie Wiesel’s Night? Select all that apply. A. coming of age B. the power of hope C. the indifference of humans to the suffering of others D. the loss of innocence

(2) Answers

C and d because it's talking about that subject of stuff I don't how to explain it but I'm pretty sure it's c and d


C because even though people knew that people were getting killed no one stood up for what was right.

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