Question Help A 12​-foot piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 33 feet longer than twice the shorter piece. Find the lengths of both pieces.

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Let x and 12-x be the long and short pieces of the cut string. Then: x-33=2(12-x) x-33=24-2x 3x=57 x=19 12-x=-7 You have a negative piece of string


Let the length of the shorter piece of string be x.  Then the length of the longer is 2x+33 (feet). If we add these two lengths together, the resulting sum must be 12 feet (given). Thus, x + 2x + 33 (feet) = 12 (feet). 3x = -21 feet; x = -7 feet.  Obviously this is WRONG, because lengths are always positive.   Please go back and ensure that you have copied down and shared the entire problem as originally stated.

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