PLZ HELP FAST!!!! 1.True or False: Medicine is a drug that prevents, treats, or cures health problems.   True   False 2.What medicine can only be purchased with a doctor's order? A. over-the-counter medicine B. prescription medicine C. dosage 3.True or False: Only prescription medicines are harmful if used incorrectly. A. True B. False 4.True or False: You should follow the directions on the medicine label. A. True B. False 5.True or False: It's safe to use someone else's medicine. A. True B. False 6.True or False: It's safe to take a medicine after the expiration date.  A. True B. False 7.True or False: It's not safe to take two or more medicines at the same time unless the doctor tells you to do so. A. True B. False

(2) Answers

number 1 is true. number 2 is prescribed medicine


1. true 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.B 6.B 7.A

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