PLEASE! U_U 10 points! Bernie lives in Boston. Tina lives 1175 miles away in Florida. At 9:00 am on March 28th, Bernie heads south at a speed of 51 mph. At 11:00 am on March 28th, Tina heads north at a speed of 65 mph. What time will Bernie and Tina pass each other? Please add steps...

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When Tina starts walking, Bernie has already walked (11-9)*51=102 miles. There are thus 1175-102=1073 miles remaining. Combined, they advance at 65+51=116mph hence they'll need 1073/116=9.25 more hours to meet each other, which will be at 11+9.25=20.25 hours 0.25*60=15 hence they will meet at 8:15 pm

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