Please PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! Seriously, you don't understand how much I'd appreciate it!! please help! Thank you so much in advance!!

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1) NEI 2) AAS 3) NEI in order to prove triangles congruent you need to know three parts are congruent, but you can only use these in certain orders. SAS- side angle side the congruent angles are surrounded by two congruent sides so, the 3 other parts must be equal; a straight line connecting the two end points must be equal and the angles would also be congruent. ASA- angle side angle the congruent sides have congruent angles on both sides so the extending lines will have the same slope and meet to form the remaining parts. SSS- side side side if the sides are the same the angles will also be the same AAS- angle angle side two congruent angles followed by a congruent side

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