PLEASE HELP!!!!Create a scenario that leads to an inequality of the form ax + b > c. You can use any of the inequality symbols (>, ≥, <, ≤) in your inequality. For this step, just write the word problem. Write the inequality and show all work to solve the inequality. Graph the solution to your inequality on a number line. Explain what your solution means in the context of the problem.

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A football team wants to by a football. The football costs $51. There are 11 members of the team. How much will each of the team members contribute to be able to purchase the football if they had $29 already. Solution: Let the amount each team member contributes be x, then 11x + 29 ≥ 51 11x ≥ 51 - 29 11x ≥ 22 x ≥ 22/11 x ≥ 2 I.e. each team member must contribute at least $2 for them to be able to buy the football.

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