PLEASE HELP!! Write the equation in standard form - 2x + 4 =4y Write the equation in standard form - 9-2(x-y)= 4x + 3

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standard form is just putting (in this case) variables in alphabetical order. First we simplify- 2x+4=4y would become 1/2x+1=y. This is already in standard form, as numbers w/o variables come at the end. simplifying the next one is more tricky. first you get a variable/number alone- 9-2x-2y=4x+3 9-2y=6x+3 6-2y=6x 1-1/3y=x 1=x+1/3y 3=x+y x+y=3 sorry if I was wrong and not of any help, But I do believe this is correct.


What standard for is is when all the variables are on one side in order, without being expressed as a decimal or fraction. To put 2x+4=4y in standard form, first subtract 4 from both sides. 2x=4y-4 Now, subtract 4y from both sides. 2x-4y=-4 Now the equation is in standard form. To put the next equation in order, first distribute -2 into (x-y) to get: 9-2x+2y=4x+3 Because one variable cannot be on both sides, subtract 4x from both sides. 9-6x+2y=3 Now subtract 9 to both sides: -6x+2y=-6 My teacher last year did not like when the first variable in standard form was negative. If that is the case with your teacher, distribute -1 into everything on both sides of the equation. That would look like: 6x-2y=6 If your teacher is impartial, then you can leave there equation how it was. So the answers are: 2x-4y=-4 -6x+2y=-6 (or 6x-2y=6)

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