Please help with these math questions (Please don't answer if you don't know all of them)

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1. volume of cone=(1/3)hpir^2 h=6 r=9 v=(1/3)6pi9^2 v=2pi81 v=162pi 3.14=pi for problem 162 times 3.14=508.68 answer is D 2. 2=r, 24=h v=(1/3)24pi2^2 v=8pi4 v=32pi answer is D 3. 10=h 4=r v=(1/3)10pi4^2 v=(1/3)10pi16 v=(1/3)160pi v=(160/3)pi answer is C 4. 9=h 3=r v=(1/3)9pi3^3 v=3pi9 v=27pi pi=3.14 v=84.78 84.8 is answer 5. d/2=r12/2=6=r r=6 h=12 v=(1/3)12pi6^2 v=4pi26 v=144pi pi=3.14 v=425.16 v=425.2 answer is 425.2 ANSWERS 1. D 2. D 3. C 4.  84.8 5.  425.6

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