PLEASE HELP PLEASE .Expense Amount Mortgage (monthly) $985.64 Cell phone (monthly) $58.30 Groceries (twice a month) $154.00 Clothing (monthly with 25% jobrelated) $180.00 Water & electric (monthly) $128.40 Weekly dinner & movie $55.00 Property taxes (6 months) $684.80 Car insurance (quarterly) $330.00 Your realized income is $2,943.20/month. How much are your fixed expenses each month? How much could you save per month if you take 25% of your discretionary monies and put it in a savings account? I'm getting confused because I know that fixed expenses are expenses that don't constantly change. So I don't know whether to include groceries and clothing... or add up everything EXPECT weekly dinner and clothing

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Fixed expenses include Mortage, cell phone, water and electric, property taxes and car insurance.Total amount of those amount Discretionary is all the rest. Add that up, take 25% of it and you have your savings deposit.

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