Please help me. If you are able to answer any of the following questions please feel free to! •Describe three ways to solve a quadratic equation. •How many solutions can a quadratic have? •List as many synonyms as possible for "solution to an equation"

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quadratic is 0=ax²+bx+c one way is completing the square that is, get it into a form like k=a(x-h)² 2nd way is factoring like into form 0=(ax-b)(cx-d) 3rd way is quadratic equation for 0=ax²+bx+c, [latex]x=\frac{-b+/-\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}[/latex] 2 solutions max because it is 2nd degree solutions can be called zeroes because that is where y=0 they can also be called roots

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