please help me~!! :) i will give full credit :) Tell what the following people are doing on the ship by filling in the blank with the present tense form of the verb in parentheses. Los señores (practicar) el tenis. Paco (querer) ir al Club de Jóvenes. Los pasajeros (ir) a tomar el sol. Ustedes (dormir) en la cabina. Ustedes (practicar) el piano. ¿Qué (hacer) tú? Tú le (traer) los zapatos a tu hermano. Marta (recibir) un e-mail de su mejor amigo.

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The men practice tennis. Paco wants to go to the Club de Jóvenes. The passengers go to sun tan. You guys (formal) sleep in the cab. You guys (formal) practice the piano. What are you doing? You (informal) bring the shoes to your brother. Marta receives an e-mail from her best friend.

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