Please help me? 1) Which of the following sentences is correct? a) That author is the one who I saw at the book store today. b) Against who did you think you would compete in the contest? c) She is the person whom he had found sleeping in the library. d) the musical group whom won the top prize are from my hometown. 6) Which of the following words is a synonym for unusual ? a) typical b) routine c) unique d) unpleasant 7) What is the most common way to form the plural of a noun? a) add -ren b) add -es c) add -ves d) add -s 10) Which of the following sentences is correct? a) Seven thousands of people showed up for the concert. b) He needed hundred of quilt squares for this project. c) Does anyone know why Steve ordered five dozens of eggs? d) She filled her living room with dozens of tulips.

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The first answer is D The second one Is C The third one is D (I'm not really sure if its D or B) and the last one is D as well! Good Luck

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