PLEASE HELP!!! GIVING AWAY 47 POINTS & PUTTING BRAINIEST ANSWER! Locate THREE sources, evaluate their credibility, take notes, and record citation information in this chart. Source Title: What makes this a credible source? Notes from the source: Properly formatted MLA Works Cited entry Internal citation (signaling phrase or parenthetical citation) 1 2 3 Step Two: Use the notes you added, write one paragraph of at least six sentences. Your paragraph must do all of the following: • Answer your research question • Use information from at least TWO of your sources • Follow the guidelines for ethical writing • Include at least one direct quotation from the sources you selected • Use proper internal citations to give credit to your sources

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I do not understand what you are trying to ask but i will try to answer cause i want the points and brainliset answer.  Okay lets say you were researching climate change. You type your essay and include in text citations and put it in works cited page.  Always use i source you know is correct. websites ending in .gov, .ed, and .net are always crediable. Never use wiki. 

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