Please Help ASAP A candle burns down at the rate of 0.5 inches per hour. The original height of the candle was 6 inches. Part A: Write a list of 6 ordered pairs to show the height of the candle in inches (y) as a function of time in hours (x) from the first hour after it started burning. For example, the point (0, 6) would represent a height of 6 inches after 0 hours. Explain how you obtained the ordered pairs.  Part B: Is this relation a function? Justify your answer using the list of ordered pairs you created in Part A.  Part C: If the rate at which the candle burnt was 0.3 inches per hour instead of 0.5 inches per hour, will the relation continue to be a function? Explain your answer using input and output values. 

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Part A: (1,5.5)  (2,5) (3,4.5) (4,4) (5,3.5) (6,5) every hour (x value) i subtracted 0.5 from the candle height (y value) since it burns at 0.5 inches per hour. Part B:  Yes, this is a function because there is a constant relationship between the input and the output. Part C:  Yes, this will continue to be a function because there is still a constant relationship, even though its different than the first one. (1,5.7) (2,5.4) (3,5.1) ect.

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