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if im correct its 22 in (4x3+10)


We have an triangle: base=4 in height=3 in, This triangle can be dividided into two equal triangles, we need calculate the hypotenuse. leg₁=4 in/2=2 in leg₂=3 in Pythagoras law: hypotenuse²=leg₁²+leg₂² hypotenuse²=(2 in)²+(3 in)² hypotenuse²=4 in²+9 in² hypotenuse²=13 in² hypotenuse=√13 in. Now, we can find the surface area. Surface area=2 *(rectangle area)+base area + 2(triangle area) rectangle area=10 in x √13 in=10√13 in² base area=10 in  x 4 in=40 in² Triangle area=(4 in x 3 in)/2=6 in² Surface area=2(10√13 in²)+40 in²+2(6 in²)=(20√13+52) in²≈124.11 in² Answer: 124.11 in²

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