please explain to me how to find the probability of something. I don't understand what probability even means...

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Probability means what chance you have to get or pick something. To figure out probability you have to make a fraction. To figure out your bottom number (also called the denominator) you have to add up all of your choices. And the numberator(or the top number ) is the number of how many there are of what the problem asks. I'll give you an example. There are 5 red marbles, 7 blue marble, and 4 black marbles. Find the probability of drawing a blue marble. You would add up all the choices to get your denominator 7+4+5 which equals 16. Then your numerator would be 7 since that is what the problem is asking the probability for. Then you put your numerator and denominator together and your final answer would be 7/16 for that example problem. Hope that helped!

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