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D Containment aimed at restraining the growth of influence of the USSR and later China, by preventing the expansion of communism in the world. The theoretical principles of the policy was made by George Kennan in an anonymous article in 1947.Kennan decided,that the main aim of US policy to prevent the spread of communism to the free countries by creating a system of military alliances. Containment was one of the main objectives of the Truman Doctrine, and its result NATO was created (1949) and later: ANZUS (1951) SEATO (1954) and CENTO (1955).In the sixties , due to the popularization of the theory of domino effect (abbreviated - the domino theory) extended the application of the doctrine of containment also support for the pro-American governments around the world (the regime) and military solutions to prevent the "export of revolution".The most spectacular operations carried out from the application of the philosophy of containment were the Korean War, the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War and the American aid during the war in Afghanistan.

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