Please answer and best gets brainliest. Marie scored 86 and 92 on two science tests. She wants her average score for 3 tests to be at least 92. Write and solve an inequality to find the average scores that she can get on her next three tests to meet this goal. Use x to represent the lowest average score. Define the variable: ___________________________________________ Write the inequality:___________________________________________ Solve: ______________________________________________________

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ok so lets say you have 5 terms that are a,b,c,d,e average=(a+b+c+d+e)/5 basically (sum of terms)/(number of terms)=average so average at least 92 that means average>92 so she scored 2 tests already and wants to do 3 more terms=test scores 2+3=5 5 terms we know that 2 are 86 and 92 replace all the rest with x (86+92+x+x+x)/5>92 mutiply both sides by 5 86+92+x+x+x>460 86+92=178 178+x+x+x>460 subtract 178 from both sides x+x+x>282 3x>282 divide both sides by 3 x>94 need so tget 94 at least variable=x inequality is 92<[latex] \frac{86+92+x+x+x}{5} [/latex] x>94 she need to get at least 94

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