Outline the fate of European Jews from the early 1930s to the holocaust

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There was lot of tension towards European Jewry during 1903 amon European countries but most signifcantly in Germany where Jews were mostly social elite, greatest exemple of Nazi actions against Jews were Nuremberg Laws introduced in 1935 which took from Jews even natural roghts in the face of new law, after the conquest of Europe the laws was spred among Jews in occupied countries in occupied Poland Jews were forced to stetle in ghettos for better control of them (Jews in Poalnd were members of varid diferen social classes before the war and their number was highest in Europe more than 3,3 million 9% of Poland population) for better organization any contacts with Jews were penlized in  Poland for exemple  helping Jewish ghetto runaway was punished by death by German authorities for those who shelter Jews including whole family and nieghbours

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