On which continent did the first modern humans appear? A. North America B. Asia C. Australia D. Africa Located just north of present day Khartoum,this city was the capitol of the kush civilization. A. Meroe B. Nubia C. Aksum D. Nile In ancient Egypt, a pharaoh was a god like ruler. True Or False Ancient Egypt was ruled by a government very similar to the three branches used in the us of America True Or False Domestication allowed for larger civilizations to develop True Or False A generic term used for humankind begins that walk on two feet A.homo sapiens B. Hominids C. Nok D. Pharaohs

(2) Answers

Africa was the first continent where humans appeared. Homo erectus started migrating and eventually spread


1. D Africa (homo erectus) 2. B Nubia 3. True Pharaohs were considered gods 4. False 5. True 6. homo sapiens

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