On a particular day, the wind added 4 miles per hour to Jaime's rate when she was rowing with the wind and subtracted 4 miles per hour from her rate on her return trip. Jaime found that in the same amount of time she could row 54 miles with the wind, she could go only 30 miles against the wind.What is her normal rowing speed with no wind?

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nice so remember t=d/s a(b+c)=ab+ac time=distance/speed lets say s=jamie's normal speed speed agains wind=s-4 speed with wind=s+4 30 miles is agains wind distance is 54 with wind t=d/s t=30/(s-4) t=54/(s+4) since they are both equal to t, set them equal to each other 30/(s-4)=54/(s+4) multipliy both sides by (s+4)(s-4) 30(s+4)=54(s-4) distribute 30s+120=54s-216 subtract 30s from both sides 120=24s-216 add 216 to both sides 336=24s divide both sides by 24 14=s answer is 14 miles per hour without wind

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