On a distant planet, a rock falls in 48.4 s from the top of a 1.10e+02 m cliff to the planet surface below. What is the acceleration due to gravity on this planet?  m/s2 What is the final velocity of the rock just before it hits the planet's surface?  m/s

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this can be solve using the formala of free fall t = sqrt( 2y/ g) where t is the time of fall y is the height g is the acceleration due to gravity 48.4 s = sqrt (2 (1.10e+02 m)/ g) G = 0.0930 m/s2 The velocity at impact V = sqrt(2gy) = sqrt( 2 ( 0.0930 m/s2)( 1.10e+02 m) V = 4.523 m/s  

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