Number the steps of the binary fission process in the correct order. . Step 1 Cell wall or membrane forms. 2. Step 2 Cell grows in size and other organelles duplicate. 3. Step 3 Genetic material duplicates. 4. Step 4 Cells separate.

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The answer is: Step 1 Genetic material duplicates. Step 2 Cell grows in size and other organelles duplicate. Step 3 Cell wall or membrane forms. Step 4 Cells separate. Binary fission is a type of cell division characteristic for prokaryotic cells. In this process, after the cell reaches its maximum size, the genetic material starts to duplicate. These two copies of genetic material are now connected to plasma membrane. The cell begins to grow in size and thus separate those two copies of genetic material. Other organelles are duplicated, too. Next, a new cell wall or cell membrane starts to grow in the middle of the cell leading to the separation of the cell. 

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