Notebooks are sold in packages of 6.And Pencils Are sold in boxes of 16 ! What is the smallest number of packages of notebooks and boxes of pencils needed to have the same number of each ! PART B) Notebooks cost $7.00 a package , and pencils cost $3.00 a box ! The store is having Buy 1 get 2nd free sale. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO BUY THE ITEMS IN PART A?

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Part A) You will need 8 packages of notebooks  Because you need to find the LCM (Least Common Multiple) which is the smallest number that each number can be divided into. That number would be 48, which is 3 boxes of pencils (16*3) and 8 packages of notebooks (6*8) Part B) $34 would be how much you'll pay after the sale Here's the math: You have 3 boxes of pencils costing $3 each, but you'll have one for free because of the buy one get on free sale, so that's $6 you owe so far. Next, you have 8 packages of notebooks worth $7 each. This time you only have to pay for 4 of them since you get a free one for every package you buy. So, 4 packages at $7 each is a total of $28. Now, we add the two totals ($6 and $28) and we get our answer: $34


A) 8 boxes of notebooks and 3 boxes of pencils, 8 × 6 = 48 and 16 × 3 = 48. B)28 dollars for notebooks and 6 dollars for pencils.

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