NEED HELP QUICK!!! Nicole works at the corporate headquarters for a major organization. Some days she feels as if she spends all day in the elevator. Her office is on the middle floor. After working in her office for a couple of hours, she went up eight floors to meet with the human resource department to discuss her new promotion. She left that meeting and went up five floors to meet with stockholders. Following that meeting she went down nine floors for a reception in the private cafeteria. After that event, she went up seven floors to meet with her new boss. Finally, she went down thirty-two floors to the main entrance of the building, which is on the first floor, and out to meet a friend for dinner. How many floors does the building have? PLEASE ANSWER WITH EXPLANATION PLEASE, THANK YOU

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The travels you have described are:                                        (Middle floor) + 8 + 5 - 9 + 7 - 32                                    =  (middle floor)  + 20 - 41                                    =  (middle floor)  -  21  brought her to floor #1. So                                   Middle floor  -  21  =  1 Add 21 to each side:    Middle floor  =  22  The building has (2 x middle floor)  =  44 floors.

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