name two different market structures describe how and why they each have a different competitive situation

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Perfect Competition- many firms, freedom of entry, homogeneous product, normal profit Monopoly- One firm dominates the market, barriers to entry, possibly supernormal profit.


Economists suppose that there are various buyers and sellers in the marketplace which means that competition is everywhere in the market which in turn allowed price to change in reaction to changes in supply and demand. In Economics, there are some market structures that describes how each structure compete in a different competitive situation. Monopoly is one. Monopoly is one of the market structures whereby there is one producer or seller which means, the industry is the single business. This market structure prohibits others from joining the market when a company has a patent or copyright. Oligopoly is another market structure where there are chosen few firms that make up an industry. Both market structures have high barrier entries where competing markets for share are interdependent as the consequence of market forces.

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