Mrs. Baldian has 42 cats. Mrs. Malark has 20.67 cats. How many cats do they have in all plus and an 40.57 cats at the shelter? If 22 cats died, how many are left out of the total? (Obviously this teacher didn't realize you can't make cats decimals.)

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Mrs Baldian has 42 cats, and Mrs. Malark have 20.67 cats (weird xD ), so they both have 62.67 cats in total (42+20.67=62.67). In addition, there's 40.57 cats in the shelter, so that makes it 103.24 cats (62.67+40.57=103.24). Then, 22 cats died: So at last, there's 81.24 cats left out in the shelter (103.24 - 22 = 81.24) Hope this helps ;D

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