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Most words used in law and medicine have ________ roots. A. French B. Latin C. English D. Celtic unmotivated What is the root of this word? A. un- B. ate C. motive D. -ed dogs dog-s dog and s are examples of A. syllables. B. roots. C. morphemes. D. affixes. Many English words for food come from A. Latin. B. French. C. Spanish. D. Italian. removal Which of these is the free morpheme in this word? A. al- B. moval C. re- D. mov(e) Which of the following is the BEST statement about the English language? A. English is a formal language established in Great Britain with little change. B. English is static, though its roots lie in many cultural influences. C. English is rooted in Latin and therefore all English words have Latin roots. D. English is a constantly changing language influenced by many layers from other languages. A word such as fantabulous is an example of A. a word with Latin roots. B. a word with origins in technology. C. a new word combined from other words. D. a word created by the interaction of cultures. Morphological analysis refers to A. the process of sounding out a word. B. the process of breaking a word into its parts. C. the process of determining a word's origins. D. the process of reading for understanding. Which of the following is a suffix? A. re B. sing C. tion D. go A morpheme is A. a root word. B. the smallest unit of meaning in language. C. an English word with roots in another language. D. a prefix or suffix that changes a word.

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1 is B. 2 is C. 3 is A.

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