Michael has a jug with 37 1\2 have some juice he wants to use some small cups to pass out samples of the juice each cup can hold 2 1\2ounces of juice how many cups can Marco fill with you samples

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Well, disregarding the fact that there are two people and it's not exactly a sentence, the answer is 15 [latex] \frac{37\frac{1}{2} }{2\frac{1}{2}} = 15[/latex]


amount/amountpercup=number of cups remember the dividing fractions rule (a/b)/(c/d)=(a/b)(d/c)=(ad)/(bc) so conver to imporoper fractions 37 and 1/2=37+1/2=74/2+1/2=75/2 2 and 1/2=2+1/2=4/2+1/2=5/2 assuming the jug holds 37 and 1/2 ounces (75/2)/(5/2)=(75/2)(2/5)=(75*2)/(2*5)=150/10=15 answer is 15 cups

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