Metthew's cell phone plan charges $15 a monnth and 25 cents for every minute.If his bill for one month is $30.75,how many minutes did he use?Write and solve the equation.

(2) Answers

15+ m*25= 30.75 30.75-15=15.75 15.75/25=.63 He used 63 minutes!! Hope I helped:D 


So the one time payment is $15, and the one with variable is $0.25, so the equation is 15+0.25X=30.75 in order to find out how many minutes he used, first subtract 15 from both sides, now ur left with: 0.25X=15.75 now to isolate the variable, divide 0.25 from both sides, 0.25 divided by 0.25 cancel out leaving u with the variable. divide 15.75 by 0.25 X=63 So Matthew used 63 minutes.

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