link between mass and force of gravity? can any please tell me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

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Mass x Force of gravity = Weight Weight is a force. On Earth, the force due to gravity is ~9.81 N/Kg. So an object of 100 Kg will have a weight of ~981 N


Force of gravity is what we call "weight". It's the product of (mass) x (acceleration due to gravity). On Earth, acceleration due to gravity is about 9.81 meters per second-squared. It's different in other places.  Example: It's about 1.62 on the Moon. So the weight of any mass on Earth is (9.81) x (the mass), in Newtons. The weight of the SAME mass on the Moon is (1.62) x (the mass), in Newtons.

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