Lauren was spending more time alone, and when she did see friends, she was irritable and got angry very easily. Her best friend Anna noticed this change and wanted to help. Which of these strategies would best help Anna positively influence Lauren? A-Reduce the time she spends with Lauren so she gets the message that her attitude needs to change B-Talk to Lauren and accompany her to see the school counselor if she feels uncomfortable going alone C-Talk to her other friends and see if they think Lauren is acting that way on purpose D-Plan to spend the day with Lauren doing all of her favorite things to see if it helps improve her mood

(2) Answers

Out of the answers, I believe that B would be the best answer that seems to make sense to me, because B is the only option that can help Lauren and change her mood. Reducing the time with her, letting other friends know does not help Lauren at all. Although D could be true, but I still think B is the right answer since when she sees her friends, she gets irritated.


Out of all of them B would be the best answer bc

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