Last week your weight was 205 pounds. After dieting all week, you realize a weight loss of 4%. How many pounds did you lose? A. 9.2 pounds B. 8.6 pounds C. 8.2 pounds D. 9.0 pounds

(1) Answers

Amount of body weight measured last week = 205 pounds Percentage of loss in weight in a week = 4% Amount of weight loss in a week = (4/100) * 205                                                       = (205/25) pounds                                                       = 8.20 pounds So the amount of loss in weight in a week is 8.02 pounds. The correct option among all the options given in the question is option "C". I hope the answer and the procedure is clear enough for you to properly understand. Using this method you can easily solve similar problems in future without requiring any help from outside.

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