last month, steven had $4285.68 that he divided into two accounts. he deposited 1/3 into a savings account. he deposited the rest into his checking account. HOW MUCH MONEY DID STEVEN DEPOSIT INTO HIS CHECKING ACCOUNT?

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So, the first thing that you have to do is figure out what fraction of the money Steven deposited in his checking account.  If he deposited 1/3 into his savings account, you would subtract that fraction from the whole (1) to get 2/3.   Now, you know that Steven deposited 2/3 of $4285.68 into his checking account.  You multiply these two things together, to find the total amount Steven deposited in his checking account. 2/3 * 4285.68 = 2857.12 Your final answer is that Steven deposited $2857.12 into his checking account.

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