Last month, Edwin had $2325.35 that he divided into two bank accounts. He deposited 2/5 into a savings account. He deposited the rest into a checking account. How much money did Edwin deposit into his checking account?

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So to find this out let's start by finding out what 1/5 is equal to in this problem. To do that we will divide the total by 5.  2325.35/5 = 465.07  We now know that 1/5 equals 465.07 We know that he put 2/5 in his savings which means he put 3/5 into his checking (2/5 + 3/5 = 5/5 or the whole sum of money) So if we know that 1/5 is equal to 465.07 and he put in 3/5 we need to multiply 465.07 by 3. 465.07 * 3 = $1395.21  This is how much was put in his checking account


The answer is 930.14

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