Kyle asks his friend Jane to guess his age and his grandmother’s age. Kyle says his grandmother is not more than 80 years old. He says his grandmother’s age is, at most, 3 years less than 3 times his own age. Jane writes this system of inequalities to represent k, Kyle’s age, and g, Kyle’s grandmother’s age. Inequality 1: g > 80 Inequality 2: g ≤ 3k – 3 Which inequality did Jane write incorrectly, and how could it be corrected?

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not more tha 80 means g is less than or equal to 80 or g<80 grandmothers age is at most, 3 years less than 3 tmes his age g is equal to or less than 3 years less than 3 times k g<-3+3k we have g<80 and g<3k-3 the first one is incorerct, it is written as g>80 in the question, but it should be g<80

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