Kendra is buying bottled water for a class trip. She has 16 bottles left over from the last trip. She buys bottles by the case to get a good price. Each case holds 24 bottles. How many cases will she have to buy if she wants to have a total of 160 bottles of water?

(2) Answers

Answer=6 Given the information, the following equation can be made, where x is equal to the number of cases she needs to buy. 160=16+24x subtract 16 from both sides 144=24x divide both sides by 24 6=x She will have to buy 6 cases to have a total of 160 water bottles.


160-16 gives you 144 , so i divided 144 by 24 and got 6, she had 16 bottles left over so 144+16 = 160. she will need to buy 6 cases of water 

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