Jenn will use 18 connecting cubes to make a model of a park. The model will be in the shape of a rectangle and will have the height of one cube. In how many ways can Jenn make the model of the park?

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Given Situation : Jenn used 18 connecting cubes to make a model. Jenn wants her model to be a rectangle shaped and have the height of 1 cube. Now, We need to find the numbers of ways will Jenn use her model. => First we need to find the factors of 18 => 18 x 1 equals to 18 => 9 x 2 equals to 18 => 6 x 3 equals to 18 As we can see, 18 has 3 possible ways. Therefore, Jenn will have 3 ways to model her triangle depending on the choice she wants.

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