It takes Mildred about 3 minutes to walk 2 blocks. A point has been plotted in the coordinate plane below showing this. Plot another point that expresses an equivalent ratio and explain what it means. (The Coordinate plane is the attachment.)

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Draw a line from the origin to this point, then keep going. Every point on the line you draw expresses the same ratio . . .                   (2 blocks) : (3 minutes) . A few other points on the line, which you could mark, are ...          (6, 4)          (9, 6)         (12, 8)         (15, 10)        (300, 200)        (10011, 6674) At every point, the y-value is 2/3 of the x-value. It means that the number of blocks that Mildred walks is always 2/3 of the number of minutes she spends walking, until she falls panting and sweating to the pavement, or reaches the city limits where there are no more blocks..

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