is this right? if not how do u do it?

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You've definitely got the right idea and your procedure is correct. But I see one mistake for sure, plus a few other things that I'm not sure of. The mistake for sure:  If the ending water is 12 ml, then the beginning water is 9 ml, not 11 ml. Things I'm not sure of: -- I'm not sure that I'm remembering correctly at the moment, but I have a sneaking hunch that you're supposed to read the level at the BOTTOM of the meniscus, not the top. It won't matter, because the DIFFERENCE will be the same either way.  But if the teacher wants you to read from the bottom, then your numbers may be marked wrong. -- The question at the bottom asks for the "volume of cherry", but I seem to see TWO cherries in the water.  Does than mean they expect you to take only half of the displacement ? -- They ask for "volume of cherry" twice. Maybe that means they want you to end up with the volume in cm³ instead of ml.  (The number is the same.)

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