is it worth $100,000 to clone a pet? can a cloned pet be as good as the original ? why or why not? [Write 4 to 5 sentences on why or why not a cloned pet be as good as the real pet]

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spending $100,000 to clone a pet is not worth it. If you valued and loved your pet you should not try and replace them.It would be like cloning a family member.Sure cloning your pet may seem like you never lost it, but it would probably only clone it's physical appearance and not what made it so unique to you.For example the qualities that made you happy like it's personality.


Spending $100,000 to clone a pet is not worth it. First and foremost, it would not be good as the original as it would only have the same appearance and not the same personality as the previous pet since the DNA is only being copied. Furthermore, if your purpose for cloning a pet is simply just for it to look like the original, it would be better to buy another one of the same breed. Therefore, cloning a pet is not worth it because it is nearly impossible to have another version of your pet that has BOTH the same personality and appearance.

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